Tuesday 13 August 2013

Prague team meeting

Just over a week ago now, 22 members of the Schoolovision team met in Prague, staying at the Clarion Congress Hotel. This was the first time we had organised such a get-together, and we were very lucky to have really fantastic weather during the whole weekend. The photo above shows the team members, along with families, on the Saturday evening.

The weekend was such a success that by the time we left, plans were already being discussed for another meeting next summer!

Thank you from me to all who came- and for helping to make the weekend such great fun.

Friday 31 May 2013

special categories

In our 5th year of Schoolovision we added a new feature to our contest. Beyond the classic voting of all children participating in this project we introduced special categories for which our international jury of teachers gave their votes. Below you can see all categories and the winning entries.
A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the voting!
Congratulations to our winners!

position country votes
1 Belgium 21
2 Slovakia 3
3 Sweden 2

position country votes
1 Switzerland 12
2 Spain 9
3 Finland 5

position country votes
1 Switzerland 13
2 Italy 8
3 Slovakia 4

position country votes
1 Germany 14
2= Finland 3
2= France 3
3= Bulgaria 1
3= Cyprus 1
3= Poland 1
3= Russia 1
3= Slovakia 1
3= Sweden 1

position country votes
1 Estonia 19
2 Portugal 5
3 Georgia 2

position country votes
1 Scotland 7
2 Malta 5
3 Estonia 4

position country votes
1 Malta 10
2= Czech Republic 6
2= Italy 6
3 Austria 4

position country votes
1 Poland 11
2 Estonia 8
3 Czech Republic 5

position country votes
1 Scotland 11
2 Germany 10
3 Switzerland 4

position country votes
1 Ukraine 10
2 Spain 5
3= Bulgaria 3
3= Poland 3
3= Russia 3

position country votes
1 France 15
2 Germany 11

Friday 17 May 2013

list of results

All the scores of the Schoolovision 2013 contest, including links to the original entries.

position country points
1 Israel 218
2 Norway 213
3 Austria 193
4 Czech Republic 190
5 Iceland 155
6= Germany 143
6= Netherlands 143
8 Spain 114
9 Slovenia 90
10 Malta 89
11 Belgium 76
12 Switzerland 65
13 Ukraine 63
14 Scotland 50
15 Portugal 45
16 England 40
17 Greece 36
18 Cyprus 34
19 Estonia 28
20 Bulgaria 27
21 Latvia 24
22 Denmark 22
23 France 20
24 Italy 18
25= Sweden 16
25= Russia 16
27= Ireland 14
27= Poland 14
29= Croatia 12
29= Turkey 12
31 Finland 10
32= Basque Country 6
32= Lithuania 6
32= Wales 6
35 Bosnia and Herzegovina   3
36 Georgia 2
37= Azerbaijan 1
37= Slovakia 1

Iceland, one of the 24 countries who gave their votes live.
View the live vote recording of the voting session here. Many thanks to all the countries who came along to this brilliant event, and many congratulations to Israel for their stunning victory! If you email Michael your school address, your specially engraved trophy will be on its way to you soon!

Tuesday 14 May 2013

wrap-up of all entries

This is Schoolovision 2013 in short clips.
Enjoy the enormous work of hundreds of kids from throughout Europe and beyond during the past months - here in just under seven minutes.

Friday 10 May 2013

Norway : "Vænna for livet"

Hello Europe!

Our song, "Vænna for livet" (friends forever) is about friendship and tells a story about two girls who are best friends. One of the girls falls in love with a boy and the other girl is getting sad because her best friend spends all her time with the boy. You have to see the video to find out what happens in the end.

The song is made by some of the students in our school. They have been working together with Askil Holm, one of the famous songwriters and musicians from Namsos. In a very pedagogical way he has learned the students a lot about how to write lyrics and to make a good melody.

Hope you like our song and video. Good luck in the voting to everyone!

Russia : "Valenki"

Dear all!
This year we are presenting the video created by our junior video team.
All children and teachers who participated in creation of this video hope that
you will like it.
Though the video features only one singer, there is a strong team of our young clip-makers
behind it, we believe you'll feel it.
This video was made with the minimum participation of adults (but with lots of trust and
encouragement from our side) our kids did almost everything.
I'm sending you love and gratitude form all our school for inspiration and a
fantastic experience this project is giving all of us!

Best wishes to all participants!

Irina Kostyukovich, Protvino, Russia

Turkey : "International Anthem"

Hello from Istanbul!
Our song is about world peace.
Three of the seventh graders sing this song for you.
We are proud of being a part of this beautiful contest.
We wish you all "LOVE" and "PEACE".

Czech Republic : "Mek, mek, medu"

Hello from the Czech Republic. Our song "Mek, mek, medu" is written by Inka Rybarova again. We had a lot of fun making this video and we hope you will like it.
By the way ... do you recognize the drummer?

Israel : "I'll remind you to fly"

Greetings! We are extremely excited to represent Israel as it participates in Schoolovision for the first time. To honor the occasion, we have written an original song inspired by Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut. Even when problems with schoolwork and friends get you down, follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Like the boy in the video, you will rise above your challenges. That's the message that Ilan left us with. We hope that this message inspires you as well.
‪Our thanks to Schoolovision and best wishes to all the participants.‬
‪ ‬
‪"When doubts and fear begin to grow‬ ‪ ‬
‪And crowd the place where dreams should go‬ ‪ ‬
‪Dream on, believe, and you'll go far ‬ ‪ ‬
‪Reach always for that fleeting star. ‬ ‪ ‬

‪Birds and heroes can soar ‬ ‪ ‬
‪Always striving, seeking more ‬
Find the vision, find the spark‬"

Watch the entry on Vimeo too!

Croatia : "My Podravina"

Hello from Virje, Croatia!
This year we chose a song that talks about beauties of our country.
In the video you can see how we cherish healty lifestyle and take care about the environment.
Good luck everyone!

Iceland : "Little Talks"

Hi all Schoolovisioners

Here is our song, "Little Talks", which is much liked;in Iceland and the band "Of Monsters and Men" from our little town Gardabaer has made so popular. Everyone in Iceland is singing the song and our students are very fond of it. You can find the text of the song here.

The video was made by 6th graders and they are showing you the school's neighbourhood, because they love the pure nature they have for playground each day during breaks in school. In the video you see as well our swimming pool where the students are taking their swimming lessons and the hall where the students gather on occasions.

So please enjoy.

Thursday 9 May 2013

Wales : "O Hyfryd Ddydd"

Y gân Gymraeg. The Song from Wales.

O Hyfryd Ddydd - O Happy Day!

A simple feel good song from the land where it's always sunny.

The best of luck to everyone for Schoolovision 2013! Pob lwc i bawb!

Azerbaijan : "Djan Azerbaijan"

Hello from Azerbaijan, Ismailly!
We are VI c grade students from Azerbaijan, Ismailly school#1 named after I.Hasanov.
Our song is about our native land Azerbaijan.
Singing this song students show their love to native land, motherland.
We wish you "Good Luck" in the contest 2013!

Georgia : "Acharuli"

The Georgian entry this year is a folk-song from the Batumi region, about a boy who is in love and tries to get the attention of the girl he likes so much...

Ireland "Hall of Fame"

Hey everyone!

This year we are singing the song "Hall of Fame". The song is about dreams for the future, all the possibilities that await us and it inspires who we want to be when we grow up. It also encourages us to be the best that we can be. The song is by a band called The Script who are from Dublin too! We had lots of fun taking part and we hope you enjoy it. We wish everyone the best of luck!

Sweden : "Jag tänker hoppa ner från Eiffeltornet"

This song is about young love.
Boy loves girl.
Girl loves boy.
Girl is very popular among other boys.
Boy tells girl that he will go to Paris and jump down from the Tour of Eiffel if she leaves him.... but he hopes that she will stop him before he does.

We hope for a happy ending!

The song is made by the Gärdestad-brothers and was very popular in the 70s.

Good Luck to you all, from us in grade 5 and 6 in Grimsås school.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Latvia : "Summer!"

Hello from Latvia!

We are glad to take part in a such fantastic project again and be
a part of one of the best teams like Schoolovision.

The title of the song we are going to present is „Summer.”
It was written by Julia Korneyeva,one of the participants of the project,
specially for a such great event –the 5th Schoolovision anniversary.
The song is very joyful.
The girls sing about the blue sky, warm sun, lovely sea
and of course, about friends.
This winter was very long and all of us were waiting for summer.

Girls;(Stasy, Sofia, Alice, Ulyana, Victoria, Ksenia, Santa and Alina)
are taking part in this project for the first time. They are from 1st, 2nd and 4th grades .

We hope that other children will enjoy our song .

Estonia : "Lööb suvelaulu rohutirts"

Hello again! It is so good to be back in the Schoolovision world. 

Our song is about summer and joy. The cold and long winter is over and spring is here. I'm sorry that you can't see many blossoms or leaves in our video - we are still waiting for them. But the Sun is here and our beautiful old town is shining in the sunlight.

The children are eight years old and we have tried to mix the past and the future by playing traditional instruments such as the violin, cello, bongas, recorders etc and future instruments like iPADs.

Enjoy and good luck to all!

Ingrid and Ly from Estonia

Slovakia : "How green are you?"

A video presented by Slovak students about their attitude to the environment. The students on their own composed music, wrote lyrics. I would like to thank Veronika and Katka because it is their last year at our school. It has been great to have you in my class.

Monday 6 May 2013

Bulgaria : "Sednalo e Giore"

Sednalo e Giore (Crazy George is sitting…)

Giore was sitting in front of the gates \in the village\
Knitting a sock of many colors
“Who’s the sock for, George?”
“Whoever wants me
Is the girl who’ll have my sock?
I’ll give her it!”

This is a Bulgarian very popular folk song. All the students know it. The lyric is funny.
Giore (the name is similar to George) is a boy, who is knitting a sock for a girl who would accept it and marry him.

The singer is Evgenia Klechkova, 6th grade. Dancers are students from 2nd, 4th (Maria Tasseva and Alexandra Mihailova) and 6th grade (Marta Deliyska). 122nd Primary school, Sofia, Bulgaria. The video is made by Boris Simandof.

I hope you like our song!
Good luck to everybody!

Belgium : "Do it now!"

In September ‘12 more than 80.000 adults and more than 300.000 children gathered on 180 squares all over Belgium and some other countries to sing this protest song.

The kids at Qworzó were proud to be part of this non-violent climate-revolution and they wanted to sing this song for Schoolovision too, so all of you would get this important message. The original clip was shown in Belgian parliamant and at the UN climate conference in Doha. 

We hope you enjoy our song.  Be our guest and do sing along with us!

You can find our HD-video here: https://vimeo.com/65569288 or our normal quality video here:

We want to thank Nic Balthazar for allowing us to cover his amazing song!

We look forward to reading your comments very much!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind Belgian regards,

The Qworzó-kids

Liked our song?  Then you will like these two videoclips too! Enjoy!

Sunday 5 May 2013

Spain : “Put on your best costume and come into carnival”

Hello from the Canary Islands, Spain. We are extremely happy to be participating once again in Schoolovision. Thanks to this project, our school has been able to opens its doors to everyone in our community and in doing so we have received tremendous support and collaboration from so many people from all different generations.

Our song is an invitation to participate in the festival of Carnival. This is a very important celebration in the Canary Islands in which people come together and have fun through singing, dancing and dressing up in costumes. Creativity, imagination, the unity of people and having fun are some of the values of our Carnival tradition.

Our entire village joined together to celebrate Carnival for you. All of the schools from our town (municipality) participated in the traditional parade. The children danced, played drums and sang the song, “Put on your best costume and come into carnival” which was written by a Canarian songwriter named Sindro Saavedra.
In the video you will see different scenes that incorporate many of the different traditions of our Carnival, for example;

  • How a grandma sews costumes for her granddaughters.
  • The old tradition of knocking on ones door while wearing old clothes and asking for eggs to make pancakes. You also can watch how they make carnival pancakes.
  • How our children invite people to join in the Carnival celebration in the local shops, at the taxi rank, the pharmacy, etc.
  • A Carnival parade with floats
  • The 2013 Carnival Queen at the stage where the many different performances for the Carnival celebration take place in the capital city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • A performance by a Drag Queen which has become a world famous Carnival tradition here.
  • And you can also see our “sardine” that will be burned and which marks the end of the festival.
We enjoyed ourselves a lot while making this video and everyone has been anxiously waiting for this moment. We have worked on preparing our entry for the 2013 Schoolovision contest for several months, but it’s been worth it. Through this project we have achieved our main goal:
Unity through education
Thank you Schoolovision.

We’d like to wish the best of luck to all of the other participants!

CEIP Valsequillo, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.

Saturday 4 May 2013

England : "The animals went in two by two..."

Hi Folks from Church Aston Infant School. Here is our song.
It is one of our favourite songs in school and about the
creatures who went into Noah's Ark.
We had fun dressing up for the recording.
Good Luck to everyone!

Friday 3 May 2013

Poland : "Sarna"

Hello schoolovisioners!

"Sarna" is Polish traditional folk song of the Beskid Mountains. The song is about the fact that people are jealous of agility and fitness of animals, that could be used in the dance.
We prepared modern version of the song. 

Singers - 5B, 3A and 3B grades students;
Thin whistles orchestra - 2B grade students
Dancers - school folk dance group from grade 5B
Saxophone - Marcin, 2A grade
Slow motion animation (dolls in Polish traditional costumes) - Kasia, 6C
Pivot animations - students of 5B i 6C
Music - Garageband :)

Germany : "Überdosis Glück"

Once upon a time...

... or rather 200 years ago the Brothers Grimm lived and worked in Kassel.
It was here that they first published their collection of fairytales which has become popular around the world.

As an homage to the anniversary of this special event and also to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of our great city of Kassel we produced this year's entry around the theme of some of the most popular fairytales of the Brothers Grimm.

Besides that, with this video we express our support of the currently running application to add our very special and wonderful mountainous park region "Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe" to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Enjoy the video and leave us a comment, please!

And here's your task:
Which fairytales do you recognize?

Portugal : "Sei Quem Sou"

Our song is very special because it talks about our country, our soul and its history!
Our students loved it!
We also hope you enjoy it! :)

"It's the music that history sang,
It's the love that I'll bring in my heart,
cause I know who I am!

Best wishes from Arraiolos, Portugal!

Greece : " Ikariotikos "

And let's smell a little bit of summer..... Let's dance Ikariotikos! 

Thursday 2 May 2013

Basque Country : "Goazen baserrira"

In our School Programme, every two years, teachers and students
spend three days in a farm.There, they learn about animals and plants.
We have a very good time!
This video shows you our seven years old students taking part
in some of the activities.

Slovenia : "My way is my decision"

Hi, dear Schoolovisioners!

We're back. A primary school from Domžale. Osnovna šola Venclja Perka.
My sixth-graders have been working really hard this time.
They would come to school every morning at 7.30 to practise singing and dancing.

And here we are, proudly presenting

And now a task for you.
The song is originally sung by the best Slovenian alpine skier ever. Her last season was beyond our wildest dreams. She won 2414 points in World Cup. Can you guess her name?

We're all huge fans of this wonderful lady and a fantastic athlete so my pupils had absolutely no problems making a decision what song to sing this year.

All the thanks to the Planet TV team. You're awesome.
We had so much fun shooting the video. It's an experience we'll never forget.

We wish all of you the best in the contest.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Ukraine : “Vesnianka” (“A Spring Song”)

Hello friends! We’d like to present one of Ukrainian traditional spring songs.
It’s spring now. The grass is fresh and green, the flowers are so beautiful. The trees are in blossom. A young girl is walking in the hills. She looks at the flowers and sings a beautiful song. Dear children, let’s go to the meadows. Let us play and dance and sing spring songs!
Hope you will like our song and the video.
Ukrainian schoolovision team

Austria : "Live is Life"

Hello friends all over Europe, this year we will present you the song
"LIVE IS LIFE" from our favourite Austrian Band OPUS. Have fun and sing with us!

Because.......When we all give the power. We all give the best. Every minute of an hour. Don't think about a rest. Then you all get the power. You all get the best. And everyone gives everything. And every song everybody sings....

Above is the YouTube version of the song- if you have difficulty viewing it, please use the Vimeo version below!

Cyprus : "San ton Karagiozi"

Hello everybody!! We are proud to present this year's entry "San ton Karagiozi" = "Like Karagiozi". Karagiozis is the main actor (puppet) in the shadow theatre which is very popular in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. We hope you enjoy our song and us having fun in various places in our village and at the seaside.

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Switzerland : "mi Chue - ma vache - my cow"

Hello Europe!
We are happy to represent Switzerland for the first time!

Mobbing happens. Even in schools kids are discredited, isolated and intimidated. Joel – living in the Swiss mountains near Gstaad - has found a special way to heal his wounds as a mobbing victim.

L'harcèlement existe. Même en école les élèves sont tracassés, isolés et intimidés. Joel – qui vit dans les montagnes Suisses près de Gstaad – a trouvé une manière spéciale pour guérir ses blessures psychiques.

Mobbing passiert. Auch in den Schulen werden Schülerinnen und Schüler gequält, isoliert und eingeschüchtert. Joel – der in den Schweizer Bergen in der Nähe von Gstaad wohnt – hat eine spezielle Methode gefunden, um seine Mobbing-Wunden zu heilen.

Italy : "I am your friend"

Hello friends, here is the entry from Italy.
The song was written by us celebrating the 5 year of the project.
My students have grown up with this project and they are happy to
think to have so many friends along the Europe.
We hope, you will enjoy the video!

Monday 29 April 2013

Lithuania : “O Lia, Lia, Lia“

The grass was green. But
The powdery snowflakes.
Covered whole greenness.
Where did the grass and a little ant disappear?
Where did forests and voices of birds disappear?
It is covered with the snow.
Hundreds of lizards and little bugs are sleeping.
That's just winter!

Sunday 28 April 2013

Finland : "If children could decide"

Here is this year's entry from Finland! The song is about the sad fact that the adults often cause fights and wars. If children could decide, there wouldn't be any of those sad things, but everyone could be happy and see the Sun! We hope you will enjoy the video!

Saturday 27 April 2013

Scotland : "Let's Go To The Opera"

Imagine it's the year 1865. Two young boys decide to take a trip to the opera. It's a long show - more than 4 hours - but they enjoy it, more than some of the audience! But, the star of the show is the "fat lady" who gives a great performance at the end. We hope you enjoy the story, and sing along with us!

We'd like to thank MusicLine Publications for allowing the use of the song.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Netherlands : "Hallo wereld" ("Hello world")

We'd like to present our video 'Hallo wereld' ('Hello world')!
A song about how we should live and work together!
We had a lot of fun recording the song and making the video!
We hope you like it! Good luck to you all!

Greetings from all the kids and teachers from 'De Opslach'!

Bosnia and Herzegovina : "Bosno moja divna, mila"

Presented by Primary school Camil Sijaric. Enjoy the video!

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Malta : "Let Me Fly"

Hello Schoolovisioners! Here is the Maltese song.
How boring life would be without music! Our world is more beautiful because music makes it so. It brings peace to the soul, encourages imagination and opens the gate of our dreams. Music expresses feelings which cannot be put into words. Music helps us forget all our worries and keeps the flame of our lives burning. Without music we would die.

Hope you enjoy our song.

Best Wishes to all from Malta.