Saturday, 13 April 2013

Denmark : "My Ferguson"

With kind regards from Stadil-Vedersoe School

Children in Stadil-Vedersoe love to sing "My Ferguson"
In the song Klavs Andreassen tells the story of his Massey Ferguson, just as he remember it from long time ago.
We wish you all the best in this competition. Good luck to everybody.


Michael said...

Thank you Oleflemming and the team from Denmark, for being the 1st country to upload for 2013!

And, it's a really fun song. I like it very much, especially as it is quite an unusual thing to sing about. You might think the same about the Scottish song- it is a bit unusual too- so look out for it soon!

Good luck in the contest, from all of us here in Scotland!

Natalia said...

Dear friends, I enjoyed every moment of the video and the song. The children are excellent singers,dancers and musicians. And you are a wonderful team! Good luck!

Dave from Belgium said...

Hi Denmark,

A really lovely song you sang there! I especially like the subject! We have Massey Fergusons here in Belgium too so you are singing about a real famous vehicle!

We also have a coverband here in our neighborhoud that's called Massey Ferguson.

Maybe they should cover your song now! That would be very funny!

Congratulations to the dancers and singers, because they did a fine job!

Kind regards from Belgium!


Ursula + Maria said...

Hello Denmark!
Your song is so lively and funny.
Our little boys from the 2.level are very interested in Massey Fergusson :)
Good luck and greetings from Austria!!!

Grimsås school said...

A song that make us happy!
And all of us know what a Ferguson is, of course. We live in the countryside, but we do not have such a lot of farming as you have in Denmark. Good luck from us in Sweden!

English teacher said...

Hello from Canary Islands, Spain.
Congratulations for being the first one to upload the video. It's a funny and catchy song. When we listen to it several times we start singing "My ferguson" and it stays on our head. Good luck!

valerie canty said...

Great job !! I enoyed the song and the video !! Good luck from France !

Jan Kåre said...

Takk til våre danske venner! Lykke til i konkurransen. Håper det beste :)

Maria Antoinette said...

I like your song too. It reminded me of my childhood days on my grandparents' farm!

Maria Antoinette said...

Good Luck from Malta!

Steffen Töppler said...

There are some famous names of tractor manufacturers in Germany.
But I never heard a song about any of them. This is an innovative concept.
Your video is fun to watch.
I'd love to try and steer the small tractor.

Ingrid Maadvere said...

Great song and I liked dancers a lot.

Good luck!

Ingrid from Estonia

steffen said...

Hello Denmark!

Your song and your school orchestra are cool.
Well done!

Freie Schule Kassel

Darko Herbai said...

here in Croatia lot of people drive Ferguson!

Niki Cyprus said...

Great song! You seemed to have fun! My children would like to drive a tractor after watching it!! Good luck!

remi said...

Great idea to sing a song about a tractor.
We enjoyed the video.
Good luck from us in B&H

Elena Vaivai said...

Really fun song and great music! Good luck from Greece!