Sunday, 28 April 2013

Finland : "If children could decide"

Here is this year's entry from Finland! The song is about the sad fact that the adults often cause fights and wars. If children could decide, there wouldn't be any of those sad things, but everyone could be happy and see the Sun! We hope you will enjoy the video!


Michael said...

Thank you Sari, and the team from Mäntsälä in Finland for this lovely song, which has such an important message! You have wonderful happy-looking pupils, who have clearly enjoyed being part of the Schoolovision experience!
It's always great to see other countries' classes and school playgrounds in these videos, and I enjoyed seeing your school very much!
Onnea Skotlannista!

Michael, in Scotland

Steffen Töppler said...

A catchy tune to which smiling children sing.
What else does it take for a good entry?
A relevant topic, of course.
Your entry has it all.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

valerie canty said...

This is a really good song with a reel message !! Your pupils seem to have enjoyed singing !!
Good luck from France !


Наталья Сизова said...

Listening to your pupils and seeing them I believe that they can make our world much better!

Maria Antoinette said...

Wonderful message indeed. May all the world listen to your plea and put it into practise so that all of us would experience peace, joy, love and happiness.
Well done!

Maria Antoinette said...

Well done from Malta:)

Sari Auramo said...

Thank you everyone! We don't have a good camera at school and I edited this with MovieMaker. Sure could be easier with better tools! But the kids enjoyed themselves very much! What a great project!

Steffen Töppler said...

The video quality is really good, Sari.
Don't worry about the equipment.
You did a brilliant job!

Ursula + Maria said...

You are right,kids. World would be more peaceful this way!
We like your song and video!
Good luck from Austria!

Marta and Ellen in Scotland said...

Fantastic Finland you did an exellent job! Loved the song - it's very catchy!

Eve and Paddy in Scotland said...

Thats really good!Good luck to you for the voting!

Yulia said...

It's a really right song! And the video is so pretty... Thanks!
Greetings from Ukraine.

MaestraLu said...

Well done Sari, very touching lyric ang great singers. Thank you for sharing with us this song.
Good luck

marta from scotland said...

great jod fab singing!!:)

Ingrid Maadvere said...

A very good entry from our neighbours. Thank you for singing in Finnish and the message was very important.

Ingrid from Estonia

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Finland,

I liked the song and video very much! I especially liked the Finnish subtitles. Now our children can learn some Finnish in the most pleasant way; by singing along with this catchy tune!

Thanks for sharing it with us and good luck on the voting!

Kind regards,


Niki Cyprus said...

Great video! Nice to see your school in there and get a taste of your culture! Good luck at the competition!

English teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Finland,
I love the lyrics of your song. It’s so meaningful. Lovely singing too.
I also believe in children’s power. We must listen to them and learn from them.
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

remi said...

Hello Finland!
We can see how much you enjoyed singing your song.
We enjoyed listening to you, too.

Students from B&H

Женя Звержинський said...

Oh this song tells us a real story about nowadays, because this problem is a very actual. And we have to remember that the children is our future!
Best wishes!
Yevhen Z.

Thomas Raaflaub said...

hyvää päivää

Last summer my family and I spent two weeks in Punkaharju and now we love Finland. I lave your song too.

So best wishes from Switzerland

Mill Maymon said...

Thank you Sari for this important and clever message, it is a wonderful idea to involve children in the worldwide matters as equal partners.
well done!
Good Luck!
Meirav Reich, ISRAEL