Saturday, 27 April 2013

Scotland : "Let's Go To The Opera"

Imagine it's the year 1865. Two young boys decide to take a trip to the opera. It's a long show - more than 4 hours - but they enjoy it, more than some of the audience! But, the star of the show is the "fat lady" who gives a great performance at the end. We hope you enjoy the story, and sing along with us!

We'd like to thank MusicLine Publications for allowing the use of the song.


Steffen said...

Lucky me, first to comment: Hilarious, wonderful, sparkling idea, great fun. Later more. :-)

valerie canty said...

A great idea to mix singing and acting !! I love it !! Good Job, Michael !! Your pupils are great singers and actors !!

Good luck from Florentin!!

Steffen said...

Your video appears like a filmed musical.
A fantastic perfomance especially in the singing and acting.
With the posh costumes and that grand house you truly took us back to the 19th century.
Great show, kids!

Special admiration to the performance of the two boys with the main part and of course to Ms. Viking in the concluding scene.

This is a marvellous entry!

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Scotland,

This is really a special song and video that will stand out between the other songs, I'm sure!

A great idea to perform a musicalsong, perfectly combined with a lot of humor and excellently filmed in marvellous costumes and a 19th century castle!

Your pupils are spectacular performers and singers!

Congratulations on this great entry!

Best wishes,

Dave from Belgium

Unknown said...

It's amazing! I feel as if I've just been to the theatre and seen a great performance with brilliant actors. Thanks a lot to the young actors.I can predict our pupils' reaction - they will LOVE it!
Natalia from Ukraine

Yulia said...

Yulia from Ukraine

Jan Kåre said...

What a performance :). I've had a feeling that the Scotish team this year would come up with something extraordinary, and yes this is extraordinary. Congratulation to Michael and his students!

Ingrid Maadvere said...

Great costumes:) great scenery:) great singing:) great movie:)

Well done, Scotland.

Ingrid from Estonia

Maria Antoinette said...

Hi Michael, it's absolutely brilliant. I loved every part of it...the costumes, the acting, the singing and the grand house.
Well done:)


Maria Antoinette said...

Well done from Malta:)

Good Luck for the voting:)

Unknown said...

Excellent!!! Really enjoyed it! Well done to all the children :-)
Best of luck!!!

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Awesome entry!!! I can't stop watching it! It's very funny and catchy. Children are really good actors and actress and they sing marvelous!!!!!!! I really love the video. Congratulations!
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Loredana said...

Oh Michael, my students really enjoyed the video. They can’t stop laughing and singing.
The "Lady" at the end of the video was super!!
It is great you chose the wonderful house of Menotti very famous here in Italy because he founded the Festival of Two World that every year take place in Spoleto.

Good luck from Italy

Sophia said...

Awesome performance! I truly enjoyed it! Way to go, Yester Primary!
From Sophia (not a part of this year's team but very much a follower:)
Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Anna-Lena said...

We like your song and your clothes. Good Luck from Sweden!

Heidi Ingram said...

Well done, Yester Primary 6! Great singing, excellent performance and fabulous sets and costumes. Singing, acting, comedy - you've got it all! Good luck!

Niki Cyprus said...

Awesome! I enjoyed following the story of the song and children performing of course! Very professional production. Well done to the director of the film and the protagonists!

Harris from scotland said...

I loved doing that. so much fun!

remi said...

OMG, you did it like professionals!
Acting, singing, dancing! We enjoyed the journey in the past very much.

Good luck from us in B&H

Elena said... I told you in Facebook...your video is great! It travels me to old times...Loved it!Good luck!

Ellen from Scotland said...

I loved doing this song , it was very very fun!

Unknown said...

Your pupils are great actors! And the performance you made is nice!
Good luck!
Yevhen Z.

Larisa said...

Nice!! It was just fun to visit such opera. Well done. Goog luck from Latvia.

Meirav from Israel said...

Dear Michael
The song was written beautifully and was sung coordinationally.
The kids were incredible acted sincerely, ere hilarious and very professional.The fat lady's soprano was great! The song moves you towards the next opera show, whether you like it or not, you start admiring opera thanks to those kids.
Meirav Reich, ISRAEL