Sunday, 21 April 2013

France : "Le Polyglotte"

Hello all schoolovisioners ! Here is the French song for the schoolovision 2013 song contest : Le Polyglotte


This song was written by Henry Dès (a famous singer for children in France) and it is about all the foreign words we use when we speak french. This year, my pupils are 6 to 9 years old, and they worked hard to record the song and make the video. We hope you will enjoy it !

 Best whishes from Florentin


Unknown said...

A perfect team work! It's clear that working on this song children learned a lot not only about French but also about other countries and languages. Good luck from Ukraine!

Michael said...

I love it! What a catchy tune, full of fun and colour, and I can see that the children had a lot of fun singing the words and acting out the song. I particularly enjoyed the girl guitarist!

Good luck from Scotland!

Steffen said...

A fun and enjoyable entry.

Félicitations á ces enfants vraiment polyglottes!

Jan Kåre said...

Great song and video!
Good luck from Høknes school, Norway.

Maria Antoinette said...

A brilliant song full of movement and colour.

Good Luck from Malta!

femfemman said...

There were applause in the class room when we had watched your video! Good luck from Sweden !

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi France,

A real happy song, this is!

We mostly liked the really cute children dancing in this song!

Bonne chance!

Dave de Belgique

Katja Auffret, France said...

Super cette chanson et les enfants qui parlent toutes les langues!
Moi, je donnerais pleins de points à la France

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear french friends ,
We liked a lot your song. It's full of energy and colour. We also have lots of foreign words in Spanish and we really love the way you explained them in the song. Congratulations.

Good luck from the Canary Islands, Spain.

Loredana said...

It was very funny.
We like your video.
Good Luck from Italy

Ingrid Maadvere said...

It's not just a song. It's a learning material. A new level achieved.

Good luck!

Ingrid from Estonia

Ursula + Maria said...

Powerful and interesting - we like your song! We can see the fun you had producing the video!

Good luck from Austria!

Ursula & Maria

Ursula + Maria said...

Powerful and interesting - we like your song! We can see the fun you had producing the video!

Good luck from Austria!

Ursula & Maria

marta from scotland said...

fantastic singing

Niki Cyprus said...

Awesome! The children are very very cute. Good luck with the competition!

remi said...

I agree with, it's a learning material.
Great song and video.
Good luck from B&H

Elena said...

Very cute song ...Good luck from Greece!

Ellen from Scotland said...

Great song! A lovley catchty tune and beautiful song.

Unknown said...

A really many interesting facts about languages not only for children. Also children learned some customs and some stereotypes are used))) It's a good work! Best wishes)
Yevhen Z.

militao.laura said...

Really nice!
I'm Portuguese, but I love this video! Totally amazing!

Good Luck to France! <3

Anonymous said...

Is fantastic and very nice :)