Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Malta : "Let Me Fly"

Hello Schoolovisioners! Here is the Maltese song.
How boring life would be without music! Our world is more beautiful because music makes it so. It brings peace to the soul, encourages imagination and opens the gate of our dreams. Music expresses feelings which cannot be put into words. Music helps us forget all our worries and keeps the flame of our lives burning. Without music we would die.

Hope you enjoy our song.

Best Wishes to all from Malta.


Michael said...

Oh boy- that is almost anthemic, with the wonderful soloists, followed by the powerful choruses!

Maria- well done on a really beautiful entry- I hope this does very well!

Best wishes from Scotland!


Jan Kåre said...

Thank you Malta! What an entry! Beautiful song and performance :)

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Malta,

What a great song you have chosen to perform! This is really a giant earworm!

I like the atmosphere in the videoclip really much too!

Thanks very much for sharing this with us!

Succes on the voting!

Dave from Belgium

Steffen said...

Great to see how you wove the song title into your video presentation.
Impressive singing performance by your children.

Jeannette Cardona said...

Hi, just a short comment from an outsider who will always keep Schoolovision at heart! Well done Maria! The video editing, ideas and singing were all great! Prosit! Good luck for the voting xxx
Jeannette Cardona

Anonymous said...

Well done,

You've really done a great job.
What good singers and a very professional video taking.

Well done to Maria for such dedication.

valerie canty said...

What a beautyfull song and colorfull video !!
Good luck from France !


Anonymous said...

Hi, Malta!

Great video and fantastic music.
I like your playground.

Good luck in the contest.

Ana from Slovenia

Michael said...

When we watched this in class today, there was great applause from the pupils at the end! Malta is a firm favourite in Scotland so far!

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Malta,
Our children liked a lot your song when we watched it today. Your singers are wonderful (beautiful voices), nice tune and at the same time they were having lot of fun. At the end of the day, we were also singing "Let me fly".

Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Anna-Lena said...

We liked it! Beautiful!

Ingrid Maadvere said...

What a wonderful tune. A little bit sad but full of hope at the same time. Thank you:)

Ingrid from Estonia

Unknown said...

We are greatly impressed with the sweet melody and nice voices. And the whole presentation is perfect - it shows the beauty of our world. We wish your success in the contest!

Ursula + Maria said...

Marie Antoinette - the world without YOUR song would be boring - great performance!
Good luck from Austria

Ursula & Maria

Margot said...

Well done to the children and to their teacher who is an inspiration to such good work. This song gives a sense of serenity that is becoming difficult to find nowadays. Thank God for children and their talents, they make the world a beautiful place.


Michael said...

Exactly Jan!

Yulia said...

Very impressive song! It gives me the creeps.WELL DONE!
Yulia from Ukraine.

Annabella Gauci B.Ed (Hons.), M.A. (Rel. Stud.) (Melit.) said...

Great video! Well done to the kids and especially their teachers.

Unknown said...

fantastic performance by the children, it is evident that they enjoyed shooting the video. Also congratulations for the brilliant video editing!

Thank you Malta!

JANINE said...

Really nice indeed! Congratulations to all the children and teachers!! Janine

Stephen said...

Great performance & a very lovely video. Well done to all participants! Good luck for the voting :-)

venerahead said...

Dear Children and Ms Maria,
Thanks for your video and am proud of you all. Keep up the good work.

You have a very interesting and creative video.

Take care
Alfred Mifsud
Head of School

Kieran and Rory in Scotland said...

This is a great song with great soloists!

Finlay and Harry in Scotland said...

Well done Malta, we loved watching your performance!It really set it up well with the beautiful ballet at the beginning!

Millie from Scotland said...

Wow- very good singers. When the wee boy sings "ahhh" , it's so cute :). Me and my friend Ellen keep singing the song. And The girl at the start is very flexible.

Millie from Scotland


Claudio said...

Cute video with a great melody! The bubble scene really gave the video tastes of innocence and simplicity...

Well done to all of you =)

Claudio said...

Cute song with a great melody! I really enjoyed the bubble scene. It gives tastes of innocence and simplicity...

Well done Malta =)

Unknown said...

A very big well done to Ms Magro for this wonderful work.

A big thanks comes also form Gabrielle for this great opportunity.

Good luck to everyone for the voting.

Chrisitne from Malta xxx

Unknown said...

A very big well done to Ms Magro for this wonderful work.

A big thankyou comes also from Gabrielle for this great opportunity.

Good luck to everyone for the voting :-)

Christine from Malta xxx

Loredana said...

Wonderful performance. Congratulation to the children and their teachers too.

Unknown said...

Dear Ms Magro

Well done for this video, it is beautiful.

A dedicated teacher giving unique opportunities to kids.

Worth viewing full of fun and enthusiasm.

From Mary Anne Magro Conti.

marta from scotland said...

fantastic singing well done great!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Magro

Well done for this video.

You are a great teacher and also a very good director.

Great song sung beautifully by the Maltese children's choir and a lovely video full of color showing the happiness and innocence of the children.
That little girl in the beginning touched my heart.Very well done for a great beginning and a lovely butterfly feeling for a perfect
Good luck Malta

From Tracey

Anonymous said...

Well done kids. This is such a great video. A big thanks goes to Ms M.A. Magro for giving this opportunity to all these kids. A special thanks from Aaliyah Vella as she is really proud watching herself on this site. Thanks and well done. Caroline Vella

Anonymous said...

Well done kids. This is such a great video. A big thanks goes to Ms M.A. Magro for giving this opportunity to all these kids. A special thanks from Aaliyah Vella as she is really proud watching herself on this site. Thanks and well done. Caroline Vella

Flo and Jana from Germany said...

Hi Malta!
Your video is funny.
Well done!

Paddy from Scotland said...

Very good! and very catchy!

Mary Chetcuti said...

Very well done to both the children and their dedicated teacher. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Malta!

Happpy Song!

franceanne said...

Impeccable!!! Have goosebumps...really enjoyed the video and the singing of the students. Big kiss to them all


Unknown said...

hi the maltese song is very beautiful and well done to the kids and teacher

from stefan pace

Niki Cyprus said...

Great work and the children are very good singers. It seems that in Malta the weather is sunny as it is in Cyprus now :P

Anonymous said...

I just love the soloist so much!!! Great singers, Great atmosphere + Great Job!!!!

Harris from Scotland said...

Very beautiful and well done!

remi said...

Amazing! Love, love, love it!


Tania ( Malta ) said...

A very well done to all the children and teacher good luck Malta!!!!

Rosie from scotland!!! said...

Great song I love it!!!
Its so catchy, I can't stop singing it! neither can my class!! We just love! Well done !
Good Luck for the voting!

Unknown said...

Oh, the song is a very nice and these children's voices are fascinating. It's a very exciting!!!
Good luck in voting!
Yevhen Z.

Unknown said...

miriam from malta!!

Unknown said...

miriam from malta!!!

erica said...



erica said...


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Cool, I like it very much.
Great singing, great background.
Super really like it very much.

nadienne said...

a huge well done to all involved - well done dear children - beautiful singing, you look like you enjoyed it! well done ms magro - loved every second of it:) and well done to whoever edited the video - it's gr8:)
nadienne (malta)xxx

Maria Antoinette said...

Thanks for all your positive and encouraging comments....truly a great experience for all involved and we will always remember the wonderful time we spent together to produce this video.

Maria xxxx

Agnes said...

Well done children! You made me wish I was your age and participating in your activities. :)
Excellent work by the teacher and all involved in this production.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Very well done Malta and to all participants.Im very proud to be Maltese.Keep it up Miss Magro and all you children and cant wait for next years song and video..