Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Austria : "Live is Life"

Hello friends all over Europe, this year we will present you the song
"LIVE IS LIFE" from our favourite Austrian Band OPUS. Have fun and sing with us!

Because.......When we all give the power. We all give the best. Every minute of an hour. Don't think about a rest. Then you all get the power. You all get the best. And everyone gives everything. And every song everybody sings....

Above is the YouTube version of the song- if you have difficulty viewing it, please use the Vimeo version below!


Sari Auramo said...

Very nice! I didn't know that Opus was from Austria! Good to learn new things! Well done, Austrian kids and teachers! Good luck with the voting!

valerie canty said...

That is a really great song ! I loved it from Opus, and it sounds great from your pupils !
I love the video too ! It's a very good entry !

Good luck from France


Maria Antoinette said...

Very nice indeed! Wonderful band, soloists and singers. Good luck for the voting from Malta


marta from scotland said...

Fantastic video super song!!!!

Steffen said...

Fantastic entry, dear neigbours!
I just love that song.
Thank you for bringing back my childhood memories!
It is lovely to see last year's performers again in your new entry!
I wish you top scores in the voting!

Steffen said...

So schön!
Euer Video ist toll geworden.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch für diesen gelungenen Beitrag.
Ich wünsche euch beste Ergebnisse bei der Abstimmung!

Unknown said...

Hello fom Ukraine! Great song, a very good video and amazing performance! I like every moment of it.

Michael said...

I've been waiting eagerly to see this entry since you told me you were singing it, and it has not disappointed me! It's a wonderful performance from your class- and yes, like Steffen, I enjoyed seeing the same pupils as last year!
I always loved the original- and I love this too :-)
It's bound to do well, as it is so easy to sing along to.

Good luck!!


from freie schule Kassel germany said...

Hello Austria

we like this vidio wery wery good
and the voice is cool

Anonymous said...

Hi Austria!

This video is happy.

Finlay From Scotland said...

That was a really great song and I loved the guitars! Great voices too!

Good luck from Scotland


Anna-Lena said...

Very good! We really love this song... but we didn´t know that this well known tune comes from Austria.

Unknown said...

Everything is so harmonious- great song, wonderful singers, dancers, musicians and an amazing performance as the result! Very well done, Austria!


Paddy from Scotland said...

I love that song! Its very catchy and very good!!! Good luck for the voting :D

Elena said...

Great great great great....I loved it!!!!! Good luck from Greece! Kisses

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Austria,

A lot of childern in my class recognized this song, so it certainly was a European hit some years ago.

Your students did a real fine job covering this song and the stage performance was great too!

Good luck on the votes!

Dave from Belgium

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Austria,
My children love your song. They had learned it in the English lessons and they were really happy when they saw your video. You have done a great job with the song. We can feel the power of the music. Congratulations!
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

remi said...

Hello Austria!
A big like!
We know the song and we sang it along with you!
You did excellent job.

Good luck in the voting from B$H

Unknown said...

Servus Nachbarn

Beim Skifahren habt ihr uns ja ganz schön geschlagen, diese Saison. Seid doch so nett und helft uns armen Schweizern ein wenig bei schoolovision. Danke!

Grüsse aus der Schweiz sendet und viel Glück wünscht euch

Thomas Raaflaub

Ellen from Scotland said...

What a beautiful song! Great filming, singing and acting!

Meirav from Israel said...

What a powerful message! To live as one with all people around you and do your best to enrich the world with your minor effort which is acctually very crusial to all others' existance!AMAZING!
Good Luck!
Meirav Reich, ISRAEL

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like to make. Great singing. For me, the first place. Greetings from Polish.

Anonymous said...

I like to make. Great singing. For me, the first place. greetings from Polish

Anonymous said...

you plaing good

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's a very good song