Friday, 10 May 2013

Croatia : "My Podravina"

Hello from Virje, Croatia!
This year we chose a song that talks about beauties of our country.
In the video you can see how we cherish healty lifestyle and take care about the environment.
Good luck everyone!


Unknown said...

Hello friends from Croatia!
You've presented a very sincere and touching song about love to native land. I love when children from any country sing about their Motherland. Such songs make us think about eternal values. Thank you!
I'd also like to add that the melody is very nice and the singers are great.
Best wishes from Ukraine!

Michael said...

What a lovely video!

Croatia in the springtime looks a really wonderful place to be! I really liked the bit of the video where the two cyclists are reflected in the river. And your pupils are wonderful singers too, Darko.

Good luck from Scotland.


Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Hello Croatia!

Your entry is just great...good singers and nice music and springtime in Croatia seems wonderful.

I enjoyed a lot listening to your song.

Good luck from Portugal!
Lots of hugs, Carla

remi said...

Hello Darko, hello kids!
We like your song and the landscape is beautiful.

You did great job.

Držimo vam fige :)
Good luck from us in B&H

Ingrid Maadvere said...

Your countryside is very beautiful and it is good that you show so many different places in your video.

Good luck from Estonia

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Croatia ,
Your song is so beautiful that brings tears to my eyes.
Amazing landscapes . I went to Croatia one month ago for a Comenius project and it was a really nice experience. Wonderful people, well-prepared, hard-workers,... And you show it in your song. Congratulations.
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Croatia,

This is reallt a video that shows us how Croatia looks like. This is real advertising for your country, which surely looks wonderful!

Great entry!

Kind regards,

Dave from Belgium

valerie canty said...

Good job !! This is a great song and a great video !
Good luck from France


Meirav from Israel said...

Fantastic views of Croatia and Podravina Fields left me breathless. Thank you for sharing lyrics.
My soul and heart were very calm during listening to your song. The wheel which emphasized the cycle of life, and all the little hints which symbolized your wish to your homeland and the eager to return it as soon as you can.
a masterpiece!
Good Luck!
Meirav Reich, ISRAEL