Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ukraine : “Vesnianka” (“A Spring Song”)

Hello friends! We’d like to present one of Ukrainian traditional spring songs.
It’s spring now. The grass is fresh and green, the flowers are so beautiful. The trees are in blossom. A young girl is walking in the hills. She looks at the flowers and sings a beautiful song. Dear children, let’s go to the meadows. Let us play and dance and sing spring songs!
Hope you will like our song and the video.
Ukrainian schoolovision team


Maria Antoinette said...

Brilliant! Your shots of beautiful Springtime help me appreciate the beauty of this splendid season:)
Good Luck for the voting from Malta.


Michael said...

Yes, I love it too! It's great to see that spring has arrived in Ukraine- we are still waiting impatiently here for it...

The children have sung so beautifully, and the video has been extremely well put-together.

Congratulations on a super entry!

Michael, in Scotland

valerie canty said...

Hello Ukraine ! I love your song and the video is very beautifull !! I like the traditional costumes!

Good luck for the voting !


Anonymous said...

Hi Ukraine!

Your video is happy.

Sophia said...

What a gorgeous entry! I love it! The girls look so pretty in their costumes! Very nice camera work as well. Wish you, Chernivtsi school #6, all the best on the voting!
Chernivtsi School #22

Женя Звержинський said...

Oh))) It's so cool))) This song and video is full of life! And girls bring smile and happiness! They are amazing) Good luck to everyone)
Yevhen Z

marta from scotland said...

Great song fantastic video.

Ursula + Maria said...

Great - we can smell springtime when we watch your video!
Congratulations and good luck
from Austria!!

Ingrid Maadvere said...

So many blossoms and beutiful national costumes.

Ingrid from Estonia

Paddy from Scotland said...

WOW! Thats a great entry good luck in the voting:)

Darko Herbai said...

Nice song and video!

Darko Herbai said...

Nice song and video!

ElenaUkraine said...

It's great!Spring,happy,talented,beautiful children.Song,music,performance are combined in one harmonious attempt to show the rich traditions of Ukrainians.Well done!Good luck!

Elena Vaivai said...

Nice colours and melody! Wishes from Greece!

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Urkaine,

A real spring-song this is! A nice song and a very well video!

It is sure to do very well on the voting!

Kind regards,

Dave from Belgium

Yulia said...



lesia Korzhos said...

You are excellent! Nice costumes, nice singing, beautiful happy faces and the video is great too. Your performance is amazing! I like it so much.Good luck to all of you!!!

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Ukraine.
Your song has got a bit of everything: good melody, great and colourful traditional clothes, nice dances, beautiful voices and a really beautiful Spring landscape . Lovely!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Fiona Edwards said...

I'm an ex-colleague of Mr Purves and follow all the Schoolovision entries.
I'm very interested in European national costumes and I just love yours. The embroidery is wonderful - just like your song and your video.
Well done!

Rosie from Scotland said...

Rosie from Scotland!

Good Luck in the voting I loved your song!

Наталья Сизова said...

Thanks a lot for all your comments. I'd like to explain that the napkin, which the girl is embroidering in the video, is for Easter basket. The words on it mean "Christ is risen!" We celebrated Easter on 5 May.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful song and pretty singers

remi said...

Congratulations Ukraine!
Lovely song and girls look so nice in the costumes.

Good luck from us here in B&H

Larisa said...

Hello from Latvia!Nice song and the video. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Great song and video neighbours
best wishes from Slovenia

Tania Ukraine said...

Wow! Beautiful embroidery, excellent singing and dancing, traditional clothes. You tried to show a part of our culture and you did great!!!

Good luck!

Mill Maymon said...

The Spring is everywhere.. the spring is perfectly described by the children,, lyrics, clip, costumes and dance, it is a celebration of colours and music.
Good Luck!
Meirav Reich, ISRAEL

Anonymous said...

I like this song because it's music and lively.