Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spain : “Put on your best costume and come into carnival”

Hello from the Canary Islands, Spain. We are extremely happy to be participating once again in Schoolovision. Thanks to this project, our school has been able to opens its doors to everyone in our community and in doing so we have received tremendous support and collaboration from so many people from all different generations.

Our song is an invitation to participate in the festival of Carnival. This is a very important celebration in the Canary Islands in which people come together and have fun through singing, dancing and dressing up in costumes. Creativity, imagination, the unity of people and having fun are some of the values of our Carnival tradition.

Our entire village joined together to celebrate Carnival for you. All of the schools from our town (municipality) participated in the traditional parade. The children danced, played drums and sang the song, “Put on your best costume and come into carnival” which was written by a Canarian songwriter named Sindro Saavedra.
In the video you will see different scenes that incorporate many of the different traditions of our Carnival, for example;

  • How a grandma sews costumes for her granddaughters.
  • The old tradition of knocking on ones door while wearing old clothes and asking for eggs to make pancakes. You also can watch how they make carnival pancakes.
  • How our children invite people to join in the Carnival celebration in the local shops, at the taxi rank, the pharmacy, etc.
  • A Carnival parade with floats
  • The 2013 Carnival Queen at the stage where the many different performances for the Carnival celebration take place in the capital city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • A performance by a Drag Queen which has become a world famous Carnival tradition here.
  • And you can also see our “sardine” that will be burned and which marks the end of the festival.
We enjoyed ourselves a lot while making this video and everyone has been anxiously waiting for this moment. We have worked on preparing our entry for the 2013 Schoolovision contest for several months, but it’s been worth it. Through this project we have achieved our main goal:
Unity through education
Thank you Schoolovision.

We’d like to wish the best of luck to all of the other participants!

CEIP Valsequillo, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.


Steffen said...

We've been waiting for your entry and you are certainly presenting us something very special again this year. I love the light and the colours. What a treat!
I think we should all come and celebrate carnival with you next time. It looks like a lot of fun.

Maria Antoinette said...

Hello Spain,
An entry full of movement, colour, costumes and fun.
Good luck from Malta.


Michael said...

This is a truly spectacular entry! The video is just fantastic, really fantastic!
Between this, and of course, last year's entry too, I think every child taking part in Schoolovision, along with every teacher too, must have had a complete insight into life in your community and on your island!
For me personally, it makes me want very much to return to Gran Canaria in the near future...
Perhaps I should try to come when the carnival will be on, as Steffen said above!

Well done and good luck from Scotland.

Unknown said...

Felicidades. Como se nota que las nuevas generaciones llevan en la sangre el carnaval. Felicidades de nuevo a nuestros niños, a este equipo de profesores y demás personas que han hecho posible este video.

Anonymous said...

Felicidades. Como se nota que las nuevas generaciones llevan el carnaval en la sangre. Felicidades de nuevo a los niños y profesorado y al resto de personas que han hecho posible un video tan bonito y lleno de vida

Anonymous said...

Muchas felicidades a todo el pueblo de valsequillo

Sari Auramo said...

What a great video! I've been to Canary Islands three times and would love to fly over there right now!

Good luck with the competition!

Ursula + Maria said...

Hello Spain,
Live is Life - we can see it in the faces of all the people, great singers and actors!
good luck for the voting!

Ursula & Maria

Alicia said...

Congratulations! Great work! I´m sure your students had fun with this activity and all the people from Valsequillo.

Good Luck from Gran Canaria.Canary Islands

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Thank you Canary Islands :)

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Spain,

Wow this is really an axcellent entry in which we not only learn something about the beauty of your country, but we learn something about the traditions in your country as well!

I never was on the Canary Islands, but I will definitely visit the country in the years to come!

Your children did a great job singing the song and the video really is stunning!

Good luck on the voting!

Dave from Belgium

Unknown said...

Hello, Valsequillo!

Today the mother's day in Spain. That's one present for them.

I'm lucky and proud to Live in Valsequillo of Gran Canaria. That's impressive. From now on it's yours too, we will be feeling all the same so we can enjoy the beatiful stage of sharing a great adventure. It's SCHOOLOVISION.


CARMAJANES (Carmelo,María Jesús, Javier y Néstor)

Unknown said...

Hello Spain!
I'm greatly impressed with your fantastic video and the song! I am sure our pupils will be excited too. They will also learn much more about your country. I like the colourful costumes, joyful melody and the great atmosphere of the festival. Thank you for sharing with us your culture and traditions. I wish you good luck in the voting!
Natalia from Ukraine

Unknown said...

Felicidades por este vídeo a este colegio tan maravilloso y emprendedor, a todos los alumnos y a todo el profesorado, especialmente a Rosa Delia por la ilusión que le pone siempre a todo.
¡Mucha suerte este año, aunque con un vídeo tan fantástico seguro que no van a pasar desapercibidos!

Saludos, Abi (Valsequillo de Gran Canaria, España).

Pepa Peñate Perez said...

Congratulation! I think that is a very good job.The result of much work has been spectacular. Good luck!
Valsequillo de Gran Canaria.(Canary Archipielago)Pepa Peñate.

Anonymous said...

Felicitar desde Valsequillo a todos los que han participado en este excelente trabajo

Loredana said...

simply fabulous!
Thank you for sharing your tradition and that passionate music.
good luck for the competition from Italy

María A. said...

¡Muchíííísimas felicidades a todos los valsequilleros por este gran trabajo que demuestra mucho esfuerzo y ganas una vez más! ¡Maravilloso!

Johanna said...

A great job one more time ROSA!!!
Good work CEIP Valsequillo!!!!!
Kisses and good luck!!!

Ingrid Maadvere said...

It's great when schools show their culture and traditions via songs. I like the costumes and the song.

Ingrid from Estonia

Elena said...

Just great...I love the colours of your country and also lifestyle. Good luck from Greece!

maria gonzalez said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations CEIP Valsequillo!!!!!
Beautiful song, each year you do better and I wish you good luck.
I'm very proud of having studied in this school.
Marta ;-)

Anonymous said...

Felicidades a todo el grupo de profesores del CEIP Valsequillo por hacer que real el sueño de los niños del municipio...mucha suerte y anhorabuena por tan excelente trabajo con los enanos! Tana y Vero

remi said...

Fantastic video Spain!
Thank you for sharing the moments of your life with us.
It's amazing how do you manage to involve the whole community into the project!

Good luck in the voting from us in B&H

Unknown said...

WOW!!! It's full of entertainment!!! Just amazing! I want to stand up and to start dancing) It brought to me so much pleasure) Good luck!
Yevhen Z.

Fran Sánchez said...

Amazing! I like the way old people and children can interact. It´s a funny video in which the whole community(elders,children,workers from different jobs)shows how children´s hope and happiness can join people. A fantastic work!

Unknown said...

Hello Gran Canaria

The next time I want to get rid of all the snow in Switzerland, I will come to Gran Canaria and we will celebrate carnival together.

Good luck to you from Gstaad

Anonymous said...

The video is very beautiful, congratulations!!!!!! It explain very well the carnival in Canary Islands. I hope you continue doing this fantastic videos.

Rosi García said...

Enhorabuena al equipo educativo de Valsequillo y a todo el pueblo por el trabajo realizado.

Anonymous said...

Enhorabuena por ese trabajo a todo el equipo de profesores en especial a Elvira por su trabajo y a Rosi por su iniciativa. A los niños felicitarlos por su entusiamo y al resto de equipo que va detras darles un 10, esto es el resultado de un trabajo de equipo y de amistad.

El video me encanta esperemos ester mucha suerte y que por lo menos quedemos en el puesto del año pasado o mejor!... BEsos!

Anonymous said...

Me gusta la iniciativa del CEIP Valsequillo .
El resultado del video me parece muy bueno ya que ha fomentado la unidad de todos los Valsequilleros , ademas de una de las partes mas importantes es que el centro educativo se preocupe en enseñar estos valores artisticos , esta forma de vida a los niños para que entiendan como se montan las cosas que cotidianamente ven en televisión y se sientan participes de este mundo.

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Hello Canary Islands, Spain!

First of all I loved your logo: "Unity through education" or through eTwinning schoolovision!!!

I was born near the frontier of the south of Spain so I participated in several Spanish Carnivals and they are just like you show to us in the video.

All the community participates (from the small ones to the oldest)...there are a lot of colourful costumes, music is fantastic.

There's still hope in the world cause somewhere there are people with joy, happiness and faith that our world will be better!

Good luck from Portugal!
Lots of hugs, Carla

Anonymous said...

Felicidades por un buen trabajo, sobre todo por la participación de esas caritas tan bonitas como son la de los niños, el colorido, la música, ha sido una maravillosa labor. Saludos Valsequilleros de Gran Canaria.

Kasia said...

I really like this video. She would like to live in Spain and I would like to have the grandmother :) I like because it is colorful and inspired by tradition.
Good luck
Kasia with Poland

yubelkis said...

Muchisimas Felicidades!!! por dar a conocer nuestro Carnaval Al resto del mundo!!!.
Un Cordial Saludo al equipo del nuestro Queridisimo Cole, cada día enseñando a nuestros niños, y haciendolos participes en este proyecto tan maravilloso.
Muchas Gracias!!.
Mucho Animo!!.

Unknown said...


Jason Hamilton said...

Hello Spain,

Congratulations to all of the students and teachers from CEIP Valsequillo as well as all of the wonderful people from the town of Valsequillo on another great entry.

You hard work and dedication to this wonderful project can be seen in this wonderful video once again.

I love that you have been able to share the story and the tradition of carnival with all of us. Thank you!

Great job!
Good luck in the voting!

Jason from Gran Canaria

Ángel Sánchez de la Cruz said...

Hi Valsequillo: a great work! Congrations to all the people who have made it and thanks to all the teachers that put their effort to get our children to take part in this beautiful event.

Un beso

Ángel Sánchez de la Cruz said...

Great work kids! Congratulations to all who have put their effort in the making of the video. And thanks a lot to the teachers that make possible thar our children take part in this beautilful event.

¡Mucha suerte!