Monday, 6 May 2013

Belgium : "Do it now!"

In September ‘12 more than 80.000 adults and more than 300.000 children gathered on 180 squares all over Belgium and some other countries to sing this protest song.

The kids at Qworzó were proud to be part of this non-violent climate-revolution and they wanted to sing this song for Schoolovision too, so all of you would get this important message. The original clip was shown in Belgian parliamant and at the UN climate conference in Doha. 

We hope you enjoy our song.  Be our guest and do sing along with us!

You can find our HD-video here: or our normal quality video here:

We want to thank Nic Balthazar for allowing us to cover his amazing song!

We look forward to reading your comments very much!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind Belgian regards,

The Qworzó-kids

Liked our song?  Then you will like these two videoclips too! Enjoy!


Ursula + Maria said...

Great! A very explosive issue optimally presented by your creative kids!

Do you think we could get the text and the notation of the song????

Good luck from Austria!!

Michael said...

Dave- that is absolutely BRILLIANT!

It's such a common-sense message, isn't it? I just loved the video very, very much, it's hugely creatively put together and the children act it all out so fantastically!

Each year, a very few videos bring tears to my eyes... guess what- this video of yours has just done that!

Well done, and best of luck in the voting!


Ingrid Maadvere said...

I am sure that Schoolovision kids can save the planet. So many strong messages. I liked the video very much.

Good luck!
Ingrid from Estonia

Yulia said...


Elena said...

Your song is great...It tells us a an important truth..... Good luck from Greece!

Unknown said...

A very nice song! The children are very talented! Congratulations!
Good luck from Romania !
Well done, and best of luck in the voting!


Unknown said...

I am greatly impressed with the video and the song. Though the theme is very serious, the presentation is so optimistic and full of hope. Looking at these children I believe that they can make a change! Best wishes in the voting!

Steffen said...

Just soooooo cool, Dave!
I love this entry.

You are transporting a big message with hands-on tips and still manage to keep your video easy-going, fun, entertaining and -yes- cool. This is brilliant!

You kids are great actors, the video setup is very professional but still playful. Most impressive!

For all of this your entry deserves to be very highly rated next week. The best of luck, may all the young voters think like me!

Steffen said...

Just watched it again.
The part with the mayor is brilliant.
What a great idea!

And what a great person he must be to participate (and play so wonderfully) in this video!

wendy said...

Well done! I hope that many people look at the video and realize that it's a message for every body. All the little things help to save the climate!!
Good luck in the voting!

Greats from Wendy

Dorien Schrauwen said...

Well done, Qworzó!! The clip looks great!! You can all be proud of yourselves!!

Kolbrun said...

Great subject, nice video. Well done. The text and the melody is really nice.

Joe from Scotland said...

That was great- and I agree that we need to build a better future.

Rory from Scotland said...

Great job promoting the eco code!

Unknown said...

hello Dave

You have chosen such a great topic and you made such a great video.

I wish you all the best for the voting!

Good luck from Switzerland

Maria Antoinette said...

Hi Belguim,

A great entry. Thanks for your message and may all the world leaders and all those responsible hear your plea and start doing something NOW before it is too late. Good Luck from Malta:)


Ellen from Scotland said...

I love this song It's very well sung and loved the dancing!

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Belgium,
Really good topic in your song. Our children enjoy and learn a lot watching your song. Congratulations for choosing a wonderful and educative song. Good job!
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Anonymous said...

cool I like it very much

Lesia said...

You have made a great work!Our environment is in danger now. I am sure that everybody will hear your words and do something. Thank you for yor video and singing. Good luck from Ukraine!

Anonymous said...

Amazing song and video. Thank you for your power it goes to the heart.
We had much fun watching and to go on now !!!
Corinna and Silva,Germany

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Hello Belgium!

What a wonderful protest song.
"Do it now!"
Yes, our students' generation must sing and protest for climate changes!
Our children must do something about their rights, one of them is to live in a green planet!

I just loved it!
The main thing is that all schoolovisioners join to your students and sang with them:"Do it now", as many times as necessary!

I loved your video too, your students singers and actors were really brilliant, specially the MAYOR! What a great honour!

Good luck from Portugal!
Lots of hugs, Carla

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...
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Meirav from Israel said...

This kids have so much power in their hands to change the world as they wish...
They have absolutely been chosen as the leaders of the future. I liked their pioneering spirit and their fight for their goals.Amazing video clip, lyrics,acting and music.BRAVO!
Good Luck!
Meirav Reich, ISRAEL