Friday, 10 May 2013

Norway : "Vænna for livet"

Hello Europe!

Our song, "Vænna for livet" (friends forever) is about friendship and tells a story about two girls who are best friends. One of the girls falls in love with a boy and the other girl is getting sad because her best friend spends all her time with the boy. You have to see the video to find out what happens in the end.

The song is made by some of the students in our school. They have been working together with Askil Holm, one of the famous songwriters and musicians from Namsos. In a very pedagogical way he has learned the students a lot about how to write lyrics and to make a good melody.

Hope you like our song and video. Good luck in the voting to everyone!


Unknown said...

I love your story about friendship and first love. It's so sincere and exciting, a real life story. The song is very nice and the singers are excellent. Thanks to you all!
Natalia from Ukraine

Michael said...

Another fabulous video and a great song, which tells the story of the girls' friendship so well.

I liked very much too the fact that we see some really wonderful shots of the area around Namsos- for me this continues to be one of the best aspects of this project- it means the list of places I want to visit is becoming longer and longer!

Good luck in the voting from me in Scotland!


Yulia said...

It's a really beautiful song and video!I enjoyed it greatly.Thanks!

Ursula + Maria said...

Hello Norway,
good story, nice song - we like your video!!!

Good luck from Austria!

Danute Raudiene, Lithuania said...

Congratulations, You made a very interesting and creative work. Danute Raudiene, Lithuania

Rosie from Scotland said...

Rosie from Scotland

I loved your song!
It was really good and amazing filming!
I liked the story!
Good Luck!

Elena said...

So proffesional...Bravo! Good luck from Greece!

Paddy from Scotland said...

Thats really good! good luck for voting! :)

Steffen said...

A wonderful story of friendship that we all instantly understand. Your pupils chose a very good topic and played so well that we don't need to understand Norwegian to get the message.
But in fact I think I recognized one or two words that were also in your last title. (But I will not try to write it down here :-)

Wnderful pictures, perfect camera and light, great music. Your pupils must be very proud of what they achieved.
The last scene with the cheering kids in the cinema is very moving.

Anonymous said...

You made it again! A perfect son and video! Congratulation and good luck from Sweden! Anna-lena

Unknown said...

hello Norway

You set the benchmark last year and you made us work very hard to make our first entry this year. Thank you for your great work, for the music and all.

Best wishes from Switzerland

Ellen from Scotland said...

Brillant video! This song sends out such a great message.

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Norway,
We like a lot the love story in your video. It’s a beautiful song and the voices of your children are great!
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Unknown said...

Congratulation Norway,
This is a nice song - lovely singers.
we like it very much!!! Thanks!!!

Good luck
Tsvetelina from Bulgaria!

Anonymous said...

very good
It was very very beautiful!



Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Hello Norway!
I loved your video but mainly your student's work!
First love and friendship is the perfect theme for our students age.
I even remember when I was just a girl and how our first love could change everything.
Great emotions, great singers...
I think love is in the air!
Good luck from Portugal!
Hugs, Carla

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hello Norway,

As last year this is again a very professional song and video! The students-love-story is very well chosen and I like it that you show us your surroundings!

Can be broadcasted on MTV without any problem!

Congratulations and good luck on the voting!

Kind regards,

Dave from Belgium

Anonymous said...

I liked

Tania said...

You did a great job. The song is very beautiful. You don't even have to know the language to understand what it is about.
Good luck from Ukraine!)

Unknown said...

awesome song deserts 10

Unknown said...

I love it !!!! I would rate it 10 if i knew how :P

valerie canty said...

Good job !! Very professional video and a beautiful song!

Good luck from France

Meirav from Israel said...

The story of friendship was beautifully told, the kids played and sang sincerely as they have just been through the situation themselves, struggling the feelings of abandoning and betrayal and the music was fantastic reflected their feelings. Norway has beautiful views. What a honor!.
Meirav Reich, ISRAEL

Anonymous said...

Great voice keep it up!!!!I hope that it will take a high place. Greetings from Polish.

Anonymous said...

Great voice.I hope that it will take a high place.

Anonymous said...

Cool video.

Anonymous said...

Cool video.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Very profesional! :)