Friday, 17 May 2013

list of results

All the scores of the Schoolovision 2013 contest, including links to the original entries.

position country points
1 Israel 218
2 Norway 213
3 Austria 193
4 Czech Republic 190
5 Iceland 155
6= Germany 143
6= Netherlands 143
8 Spain 114
9 Slovenia 90
10 Malta 89
11 Belgium 76
12 Switzerland 65
13 Ukraine 63
14 Scotland 50
15 Portugal 45
16 England 40
17 Greece 36
18 Cyprus 34
19 Estonia 28
20 Bulgaria 27
21 Latvia 24
22 Denmark 22
23 France 20
24 Italy 18
25= Sweden 16
25= Russia 16
27= Ireland 14
27= Poland 14
29= Croatia 12
29= Turkey 12
31 Finland 10
32= Basque Country 6
32= Lithuania 6
32= Wales 6
35 Bosnia and Herzegovina   3
36 Georgia 2
37= Azerbaijan 1
37= Slovakia 1

Iceland, one of the 24 countries who gave their votes live.
View the live vote recording of the voting session here. Many thanks to all the countries who came along to this brilliant event, and many congratulations to Israel for their stunning victory! If you email Michael your school address, your specially engraved trophy will be on its way to you soon!


Mill Maymon said...

Dear team!
A huge hug from all of us; my wonderful team, my talented students, the principal and of course from me. You' ve been with us the last few weeks, we watched you, got comfort and support, and all your fantastic comments.I am full of THANKS and appreciate your thoughtful comments
Nights without sleeping and the tense around the entry were a daily matter.But thaks god we all have done it. THANK YOU MICHAEL, THANK YOU STEFFEN.
And the winners are you! all of you teachers ! You are doing a divine work with the kids everywhere, everyday, all day with so much care and love!
. Your entries were incredibly beautiful, educational and symbolize you work and you love.
We are proud to be a part of you team.

Best wishes

Meirav Reich

Elena Vaivai said...

Congratulations to Israel. They deserve it. Well done to all the others. Thank you for this year's marvellous experience. Kisses to everybody!

Ilze said...

Congratulations from Latvia to all students and teachers! Your project is wonderful! I saw your video also and I enjoyed them. I like them all - great work! I also watched Flashmeeting session about voting - it was really nice to see you all.

Many nice congratulations the winners!

Good luck to all in the future! You all are so talented and other schools can learn from you a lot!

Kind regards,
Ilze Šmate,
Sērmūkši primary school,
eTwinning ambassador in Latvia

Maria Antoinette said...

Congratulations to the winners and to each and every participant from Malta. We are all winners to a certain extent...participation makes us winners and helps us understand the true meaning of team work.
Congratulatulations to all:)